Act for youth.

With a european youth plan.

One of the consequences of the long lasting economic crisis is that the young are turning their back on Europe. Unemployment is particularly high among the younger generation, preventing many young people not only from a source of income to become independent, but also from developing their potential.

Populism and nationalism are gaining ground at the expense of universal ideas such as solidarity, equality and internationalism. Selfishness and fury are winning the battle against rational debate and concrete political solutions.

We want to offer positive alternatives. We don’t want the young people to become a lost generation.

Stanishev in open letter to Juncker and Thyssen: Youth should remain on the EU’s priority list

The PES deeply regrets the fact that the European Commission’s draft budget for 2017 does not include additional commitments for the Youth Employment Initiative. We count on the European Parliament and European Council to push for extra money for this important priority.

Campaign video

"We don't want to become a lost generation - we need an European Plan for the Youth"

Vendula, Elisa, Lotfi, Lora, Sonja, Fatou, Neil and Enric share their hopes for the future and explain why the Youth Plan is a campaign worth fighting for!



A "European Culture Cheque": Culture has a transformative power that can help promote social cohesion, solidarity and the engagement of the young in solving social problems. We want young people to have critical thinking, to develop their own ideas, to be independent, creative and able to understand the complexity of the world by themselves.


A permanent European Youth Guarantee: The Youth Guarantee is a European initiative launched in April 2013, thanks to the Party of European Socialists. It consists on the guarantee that all young people finishing their education will be offered a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or opportunity for continued education within a four month period, after finishing school or losing their job…


Erasmus for all: The iconic Erasmus international exchange programme is undoubtedly a great example of how Europe can bring added value to its citizens. But, until now, it has been limited to universities. We think that other young people should be able to profit from it too.


Child guarantee : Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the face of economic hardship. We think they shouldn’t bear the consequences of the crisis. Our programme for them is to make sure that all children in Europe will have access to free healthcare, free education, free childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition.