Youth Plan Action Day - 19 May 2017

Thank you to everyone who joined the Action Day on 19 May 2017. The actions focused on Education and on enlarging the Erasmus programme to vocational training students as well as high-school students. 

It was a success with over 200 events in 103 cities (22 European countries) and hundreds involved!

We are putting forward a campaign for a European Youth Plan to ensure every single child and young person get a chance at bright future – through high quality education, decent jobs, ensuring children’s rights and giving access to culture to the youth.

After a very successful action on 16 November, we will once again take it to the streets on 19 May.

  • If you think that our youth deserves a better future
  • If you think that children should have access to free healthcare checks and quality meals in schools
  • If you think that good education should be a right for all regardless of their origins
  • If you think access to culture for young people should be a priority

Then join us on 19 May in a city close to you!


PES youth campaign day set to be biggest yet

Hundreds of campaign activities are taking place today in towns and cities across Europe for the PES Youth Plan Action Day 2017 – which is on track to beat last year's record of 110 activities.

Today's event focuses on the education pillar of the PES Youth Plan, especially the call to make the Erasmus student exchange scheme accessible to everyone.

Lone mothers in focus for Youth Plan Action Day

PES Women will join the PES Youth Plan Action Day campaign this Friday, with a particular focus on the Child Guarantee and providing support to single mothers.

Video of Izola conference - presenting the Youth Plan

The PES and its Slovenian member party SD gathered dozens of young people at the Slovenian coast in Izola on 6th April to exchange views on the PES European Youth Plan.

Join the action day!

It is time to make sure children and young people can have good quality education and the chance at a better future all over Europe. On 19 May, join us - all over Europe - to call for a Youth Plan to ensure high quality education, Erasmus for all, decent jobs, children’s rights, and access to culture for youth.

Where will you join the action?