Act for Jobs.

With a permanent European Youth Guarantee.

A permanent European Youth Guarantee: The Youth Guarantee is a European initiative launched by the European Union in April 2013, thanks to the Party of European Socialists. It consists on the guarantee that all young people finishing their education will be offered a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or opportunity for continued education within a four month period, after finishing school or losing their job.

The Youth Guarantee has been running successfully since 2014 but is now facing an unclear future since most of its funding, 6 billion euros, was committed to its first years and has been spent. We want to make sure that the Youth Guarantee will have enough funding and becomes a permanent feature of the European social model. Therefore we want to increase its funding to 5 billion Euro a year, I.e. a total funding of 20 billion euros until 2020.

This new amount would also allow to further broaden the scope of the youth guarantee and ensure it reaches out to more young people, including by extending the age of the eligible young people to 30. We want to make the Youth Guarantee available to all young people, to make it their stepping stone towards quality employment.