Meet our European Youth Plan Ambassadors from all over Europe

We believe in youth, we believe in Europe and we are ready to say it out loud! The Party of European Socialists is launching a Europe-wide event on November 16 to support our European Youth Plan, our policy plan aimed at helping out the younger generation of Europeans in this time of crisis and uncertainty. We want to offer alternatives in different areas: jobs, education and culture and we want to protect the most vulnerable, the children, through a ‘child guarantee’, which can protect them from the worst effect of the conservative-led austerity policies pursued in the last years.

The first thing you do for an event about young people is actually talking to young people and gathering their support. Please welcome the list of our European Youth Plan Ambassadors from all over Europe!

Tine Soens, Member of the Flemish Parliament, Belgium

Nikolay Berievski, International Secretary of the Youth Union in the BSP, Bulgaria

Veronika Delibaltova, Chairwoman of the Youth Union in the BSP, Bulgaria

Georgios Oikonomides, EDEK, Cyprus

Christos Valiandes, EDEK, Cyprus

Radek Hlaváček, chair of MSD young social democrats, Czech Republic

Matouš Hruška, vice-chair for international affairs of MSD young social democrats, Czech Republic

Daniela Vašátková, internatinoal secretary of MSD young social democrats, Czech Republic

Peter Hummelgaard, Member of the Danish Parliament

Benjamin Lucas, President of Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes, PS France

Theodore Douloumpekis, National Coordinator of PES Greece

Christina Kampisiouli, Member of the central committee of PASOK Youth, Greece

Kata Tüttő, member of MSzP Presidency, member of PES CoR Group, Hungary

Gergely Molnár, Vice-President of Societas Youth, Hungary

Francesca D’Ambra, Vice-President FGS, Italy

Alexander Saliba, Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti, Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista, Malta

Lieke Kuiper, President of the Dutch Young Socialists (JS)

Victor Negrescu, Member of the European Parliament, PSD, Romania

Gabriel Petrea, PSD, Romania

Emilian Pavel, PSD, Romania

Catalina Stafanescu, PSD, Romania

Silviu Ionut Dumitrache, PSD, Romania

Horia Nasra, PSD, Romania

Claudiu Ilisanu, PSD, Romania

Adrian Marius Randunica, PSD, Romania

Dacian Ciodaru, PSD, Romania

Andrei Nicolae, PSD, Romania

Stefan Tinta, PSD, Romania

Ioana Bran, PSD, Romania

Nicolae Rosu, PSD, Romania

Žiga Čepe, member of the board of Social Democrats’ Youth Forum, Slovenia

Rebeka Maršnjak, President of the Supervisory Board of Socialist Democrat’s Youth Forum, Slovenia

Anders Österberg, Member of the Swedish Parliament, Chair of Young Eagles Sweden

Benedetta Brighenti, Youth Spokesperson of the Italian Association of Italian Municipalities for the relations with the EU, Deputy Mayor of Castelnuovo Rangone

Elisa Gambardella, YES Vice-President

Jelena Usakova, SDP Concord European Representative, Latvia

Viktors Smirnovs, Latvia

Arturs Posers, Latvia

Cédric Wermuth MP, Group Vice-President, PS Switzerland

On 16 November we will fight for the younger generation, we will fight against despair, we will let policies be known to the world for a better, more progressive Europe. Join us! 

The list with all ambassadors will be regularly updated and is available here.