No matter what, we believe in youth and we believe in Europe!

In days like today, in the aftermath of the Brexit vote and the US presidential election, believing in doing the right thing may seem difficult.

But we are strong, our movement is strong and our activists are even stronger! Therefore we want to have the greatest participation possible in our online European Youth Plan Action Day! Click here to watch the video on how to have you and your friends participate in the biggest family photo ever, the picture of the progressive family, consisting of young and old, men and women, gay and straight of all races, cultures and religious and social backgrounds!

All you have to do is gather 4 friends or more and build straight lines of four standing on stairs.

The millennial vote alone would have granted Hillary Clinton a victory. Let’s react to the populist-conservative backlash before something worse happens in Europe. Join our Action Day on 16 November and make sure you bring your friends over!!! Let YOUR voice be heard too!!!