A picture is worth a thousand words

Would you demonstrate for a progressive Europe? We will gather the crowd for you, for a true online demonstration, under the motto Act For Youth! If so – do it with your picture. As they rightfully say - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our idea is this: you meet a couple of friends and take pictures of the bunch on a stairway, the only thing you need to take care of is that you are all lined up so you can take part in the biggest family picture ever!

Our activists from all over Europe will participate in the Act for Youth event to plead for a progressive Europe which leaves behind the austerity years and starts to deliver for the people. We want socially disadvantaged Europeans to be able to climb the social ladder, hence the metaphor. 

Schools, universities, theatres, museums, public buildings will become the scene of our protest. Just be sure that you tag yourself using the hashtag #Act4Youth so we can compile your pictures!

On 16 November we will fight for the younger generation, we will fight against despair, we will let policies be known to the world for a better, more progressive Europe. Join us!