Portugal leading in number of events for the Youth Plan Action Day

We believe in Europe and we believe in Youth! And there’s one place where that is felt more strongly so far…Portugal!

Portugal is leading the preliminary phase of our European Youth Plan Action Day, with 17 events organised in diferent cities! It will take some effort if you want to catch up from other countries, but hey, we would be glad if you do! Portugal is a country struck by austerity measures, a country trying to overcome and forget the dreadful troika and repair the damage created by ideological rather than rational austerity policies. A country where more young people are migrating abroad than during dictatorship.

A new government led by our PES party Partido Socialista is now bringing back hope to the people of Portugal, especially to the younger generation. If they believe in the future of youth we all should! 

Therefore, join our European Youth Plan Action Day on 16 November, you owe it to yourself!